We can't do this work alone - and we don't want to. That's why we're seeking domestic and international partnerships with individuals and organizations working to ennoble women. We desire to learn from their experience and work together to bring more transformation to our communities and the world.

In this together 

The Marcella Project exists to ennoble women through Scripture-based teaching, training and dialogue. One of our core values is to be incarnate - among, with, present alongside others – but we realize we cannot be present with every woman in every way needed for ennobling. Our ministry work is in changing belief systems and reshaping our view of women in the Church, but there is other work to be done if women are to be fully ennobled.

We want to promote and partner, therefore, with organizations committed to incarnate work that ennobles women. This would include, for instance, organizations which dedicate their time, money, and resources to ennoble women who have been trafficked, who are victims of domestic violence, who are single mothers, and who are homeless or unskilled.

We seek out and partner with 501(c)3 organizations which demonstrate financial stability and provide data-based outcomes. [We specifically seek to partner with and educate our members on organizations with whom they may not already be familiar.] Finally, while The Marcella Project is a faith-based organization, we recognize that bringing necessary change into the lives of women and girls must happen from many angles, including belief systems. So, while we prefer to partner with other Christian organizations, this is not a requirement for us in partnering with an organization that is changing the lives of women.

The following list will continue to grow on a rolling basis. These are organizations doing incarnate work to ennoble women by addressing a variety of needs.






We encourage you to check out the following organizations. We support their mission and consider them partners in the work of ennobling women.