Wine, Women & Jesus


Dates for the fall 2019 study!

September 9 - November 10, 2019 - Zenzero, Coppell

It can be upsetting when our theology is challenged, changed and deconstructed, but when we do so together, in community, in the word, well, something special happens. You won't find a set program, small groups, or pressure to fit the mold. You will find real women, great teaching, and candid conversations.


  • un-churched curious about Jesus but not interested in organized religion 

  • de-churched follower of Jesus but not interested in organized religion 

  • over-churched attend church but need a change in engaging Jesus & others

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  • More than This: A Study of the Gospel John

  • Revealed: Seeking the Face of God

  • Ruth: A Study of Life, Loss and Love

  • Detox: Clearing the Way for Spiritual Wellness

  • Detox Revisited: Purging Spiritual Toxins

  • Re-Align: A Study on Jesus, Luke 4-8

  • Beyond Me: A Study through Colossians

  • Inhabit: A Study on the Holy Spirit

  • Imago Dei Women: Embracing Our Identity and Purpose as God’s Image Bearers

  • Get it Together: Merging Faith and Action in 1 Corinthians

  • Free: Released to Be Uniquely Me

  • Sisterhood: From Alone to Known

  • ReAction: Living Right When Life Goes Wrong

  • Epic: People Restored to Reflect God's Heart

  • Epic: God's Passionate Pursuit of a Prodigal People