Wine, Women & Jesus

dates for the fall 2019 study!

September 9 - November 10, 2019 - Dallas (TBD)

September 10 - November 12, 2019 - Austin (TBD)

It can be upsetting when our theology is challenged, changed and deconstructed, but when we do so together, in community, in the word, well, something special happens.

We’re redefining women’s Bible studies by offering the unique opportunity to connect with women and engage with Jesus in the casual atmosphere of your local winery.

You won't find a set program, small groups, or pressure to fit the mold. You will find real women, great teaching, and candid conversations.

Wine, women and Jesus. It's really that simple.


  • un-churched curious about Jesus but not interested in organized religion 

  • de-churched follower of Jesus but not interested in organized religion 

  • over-churched attend church but need a change in engaging
    Jesus & others

Looking For a study For The Summer?
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I’m Enough Masterclass

We did something different this past spring at our Wine, Women & Jesus bible study - instead of your typical bible study we dug into the content of my new online I’m Enough Masterclass.

I designed the course because over the past twenty years of working with women I’ve noticed, regardless of location, education, or station in life, there’s been a common thread: women tend to have a low view of themselves. Our go-to story is “not enough.” In this 10 week Masterclass you’ll replace that negative narrative with God’s story about who we are and the rightness of what he created you to do.

This is not your typical bible study. The Masterclass is designed much like a Bible college course that includes Bible, culture, gender, sociology and history. You could say this Masterclass is my legacy.

The woman who attended in the Spring asked if we could “do it again” in the fall. So this fall, starting in September we will host our second in-person 10 Week I’m Enough Masterclass.

In this Masterclass you’ll discover:

– You’re a one of a kind never to be seen again in history image bearer.
– You were made on purpose for a purpose.
– You bring something unique to this world; something we desperately need.
– Your worth is not found in your body being thin or sexy.
– You need your sisters in Christ to cheer you on.
– The world is better when you bring your full potential to life’s table.

I’d love to see you there,


Purchase the online Masterclass here, then join our private group on Facebook.

If you are interested in using our materials for your own group, you can order printed copies of our bible study guides online. If you wish to purchase 10+ copies, contact for larger orders.