Which Group Are You?

I'm reading Richard Rohr's book Naked Now.  I'm still not sure I'm getting all he's trying to say but I do get him when he says:If you surrender to the fear of uncertainty, life can become a set of insurance policies. Your short time on this earth becomes small and self-protective, a kind of circling of the wagons around what you can be sure of and what you think you can control - even God. It provides you with the illusion that you are in the driver's seat, navigating on safe, small roads, and usually in a single, predetermined direction that can take you only where you have already been.For far too many people, no life journey is necessary because we think we already have all our answers at the beginning. "The church says, ... the Bible says, etc." A second group tries a different approach. They choose to whistle in the dark, look the other way, or just keep busy - seeking various ways of being important, or as Jesus put it, trying to "build bigger barns." For them, life becomes a series of manufactured dramas, entertainment, and diversionary tactics intended to help them avoid the substantial questions. Here, what some call intensity is frequently an avoidance of what I will call presence - intimacy with ourselves, with life, and with others. This avoidance symbolized by what we call the consumer culture, which in our current economic situation appears to be falling apart." (Rohr, 17)Which are you?