I haven't proven it yet but I believe all people groups act upon a belief system. In other words, their behavior, whether they know it or not, is tied to something they believe. We do what we believe. Nothing brought this home more than when I read Half the Skye. The book listed several organizations who were doing practical work to stop gender injustice. I'm grateful for those doing such work. It's much needed. However, I remember thinking "we've also got to go after their belief system." Their beliefs allow them to sex traffic women. And if we don't go after the belief system things won't permanently change. We need to deconstruct and reconstruct what we believe, according to Jesus, in order for these kinds of terrors to stop.Howard Hendricks, in his book Teaching to Change Lives says, "Teach people to think. If you want to change a person permanently, make sure her thinking changes, and not merely behavior. If you change only her behavior, she won’t understand why she’s made the change. It’s only superficial, and usually short-lived." (Hendricks, 43)That's why we have Salons. Salons are gatherings where women (and sometimes men) discuss spiritual issues. Our salon documents are full of information (history, culture and Scriptures) so women can think intently about the issue and hopefully live more boldly for Christ. This Thursday we are hosting a Salon on submission. Come join the conversation.