Who Would You Blink In?


steveSeveral nights out of the week Steve and I gather with our friends to share a meal. Sometimes after dinner we sit outside, drink wine and discuss life stuff. Recently we've all been reading Falling Upward. It's typical for sections of the book to be read by one person or another as we discuss our findings, thoughts, questions and ah ha moments. Steve and I love to share our lives with others around food, wine and conversation. And we love to ask thought-provoking questions to one another and our family group.  Last night several of us were discussing what we want to give ourselves to in our second half of life. What is important to us? Who do we want to do life with? Where do we want to do life? (Those kinds of things.) That conversation was followed up with asking, "If you could blink someone in to be here with us tonight who would it be?" Who would we want in this discussion with us?

So let's say last night you were sitting in our back yard and you were asked that question. Who would you blink in? And why?P.S. The one caveat is you have to know the person (or people) to some degree.