jackieblogbdayToday is my 48th birthday. There's freedom in aging.  When I was in my thirties a woman shared the following piece of advise. She said, "Jackie, as you age take care of your hair and your shoes. Then no one will notice what's in between." I chuckled then tucked away her advise for another day. Now that I'm almost 50 I realize the wisdom in what she shared. As many of you know - I have long curly hair. Most people are so busy noticing my unique hair that they forget to focus on my crows feet and wrinkled forehead. I love my hair for its distraction. And because it requires little care which benefits a farm girl like me who doesn't like to primp. This past month while in NYC I bought some sassy red boots. They were a bit more than I liked to spend but then again the lady did said to take care of my hair and shoes. So on my birthday I want to pass along the gift this woman gave to me years ago. As you age embrace the freedom it affords you. And get a great hair do and some shoes that put a bounce in your step. boot_0424_2 Aging is fun.