I know it's not right to say but I don't really like holidays. Holidays require a certain skill set I lack.Skill set: Gourmet cooking.Gift giving.Decorating.Shopping.More shopping.Spending money.Did I mention I hate to shop, spend money, or decorate? Alas why holidays aren't my favorite, they require a skill set I lack.The one aspect of the holidays I do love is the people. There are lots of people coming and going. Chaos. Table. I love it all.However I didn't love it this Thanksgiving. Steve was sick with a cold and Hampton got the mumps. Three trips to the ER to found out he has the mumps. Who gets the mumps anymore? My family kindly mentioned how I must have forgotten to get him vaccinated. What kind of mother forgets to get her child vaccinated?hamphospital_0019Hampton was quarantined. That's never a good thing - for anyone, especially those quarantined with him. Think bucking bronco in a stall - the door won't open. Things got ugly so I decided the best way to celebrate Thanksgiving was to take a glass of wine upstairs and watch a movie.Yes, yes, I know it's Thanksgiving and I don't sound very thankful. I am. I'm thankful I live in a country where my son can go to the ER. I'm thankful I was able to spend money on food to cook for my family, even if they didn't eat much of it. I mean after all I just got home from Africa - I'm aware of the abundance. But let me - just for a bit - grumble at disappointed expectations. By all the Facebook posts you'd think everyone in American had this picturesque holiday. Come on. Let's be honest sometimes it just stinks. It's okay to admit it.It happens.To all of us.At one holiday or another.I'm thankful Christmas is coming. Not because of the cooking, gift giving, decorating or shopping but because I get another chance - to be with my people. I love to be with my people even if sometimes being with them stinks.