Sarah called Abraham Master: Meanderings from Linda

There is debate among scholars as to what Peter meant when he stated Sarah obeyed Abraham and called him master (lord).  Only one time in the Old Testament do we see Sarah only referenced Abraham master (lord) The one time Sarah referenced Abraham as master is in Genesis 18:12. Sarah was in the tent listening in on Abraham’s conversation with two visitors. She laughed when they said she would become pregnant by the following year. In the privacy of her tent she said, “After I am worn out and my master (lord) is old, will I now have this pleasure?” It’s hard to understand Peter’s reference when this is the sole occurrence where Sarah used master in reference to Abraham. And this was not a time in which we see Sarah “obey.” There are times when Sarah seems to “obey” Abraham and vise verse. She obeyed Abraham when she lied to Pharaoh. Abraham submitted to Sarah’s request for Ishmael to be sent away. There’s seems to be a give and take in this couples marriage. Some scholars suggest Peter may have been referring to the portrayal of Sarah from the extra biblical literature. For example there is a first century writing called the “Testament of Abraham” in which Sarah often refers to Abraham as master. Irrespective of the source, Peter’s purpose was to provide Christians role models who lived differently than the perverse culture of the day.