Last night was a first. The first time a man has attended our Unleash the Dream Salon. a man at UnleashI'm not sure if he'll ever come back. Thirty some women and one man can be intimidating. And then there was the story Janet shared about her breast cancer and leaches. There was a lot of talk about breasts. Sorry you had to be there.And then there were the dreams. (Stop being stuck on breasts and leaches and move on to God's dreams please.)I believe God has dreams for humanity and he has placed those dreams within each and every one of us. Irwin McManus said, God created us with the image of God within us. He created us with divine capacity and potential. He created us in such away that we could fulfill his dreams for humanity. I believe that whole heartedly.Throughout our life God has been developing in us the ability to live out the dreams he's placed in us. He uses our family background, heritage, natural talents, personality types (some of you have an advantage because you have several!), spiritual gifting, and even our pain to shape us into women (and men) who can create a redemptive moments for others.For years I've tried to help women unleash the dreams God has placed within them. I've BS Unleash the Dreamsnoticed it's hard for women to do. For a variety of reasons women push down, crush, doubt, and compare themselves right into mediocrity. I long for the day when we stop that. When we can "get okay" with ourselves enough to live on fire for Jesus. When I first became a Christian I looked around at all these godly Christian women and they looked a pretty light pink. The only problem was I was a lime green gal. I kept trying to contain myself, be less, talk quieter until a wise woman challenged me. She said, "Jackie be who you are, unapologetically you, controlled by the Spirit. So thankful for those life changing words. Unapologetically me can be a wild thing but "controlled by the Spirit" that's a beautiful thing.Last night I had women dream of giving dignity to those who live on the streets, counseling those who've been told they can't do anything right, living a healthy marriage, helping women heal from sex exploitation, aiding others through change, etc. etc.Just imagine what kind of kingdom society Jesus could bring forth through us if we could be simply get okay with ourselves. Unapologetically me - controlled by the Spirit me.Just imagine what would be accomplished if we risked it. If we declared before God and others, I am not here to please man but to please God. (paraphrase mine 1 Thessalonians 2:4)