We have three college age children. One is about to graduate and the others are not far behind. Lately there's been a lot of conversations about what and how to spend a life. I've been surprised at the advice (pressure) my son (s) have received around this subject. Making it big seems to be the ideal of how to live a life.Sometimes my husband surprises me. I think he's not listening in on the pressures my kids are getting and then I find this email he sent to them.

I started college wanting to make a living, a big living.By the end of my 4 years I knew I did not want my life to be about money and money as measurement if success.Since then we have had moments with some money, but mostly wasted it on life.Since then there have been moments with very little, $19,000/yr with three little kids but pretty great life.The best of times have been when we have been making a life and being wise with our money. If you read stevemopedThe Millionaire Next Door, I have ordered each if you a copy,  you will see that by far the most millionaires in the US got there by being wise and disciplined. Those who live life for money often don't wind up with either.My point....do what makes your body mind and soul come alive! Be disciplined about stuff, live with character....And you will make a life, a great life.Love,Dad

I'm grateful my kids have a father who hears what the world is saying to them and speaks into that.I'm grateful he doesn't place their worth on what they do for a living.I know for me - I want to be completely drained of every ounce of myself by the time I meet Jesus. Nothing left to give - not even a drop. Poured it all out. I would give anything for my kids to live a life so on fire for Jesus others would come around just to watch them burn. The pursuit of money just isn't a big enough vision to live (or die) for.