I haven't written lately. Sometimes I get tired of all the talking. Opinions. Counter opinions. It seems like everyone has something to say about everything. Sometimes it's overwhelming and I long for quiet. Among us. In myself. While being quiet I've been reading Kingdom Ethics by Stassen & Gushee and Incarnate by Micheal Frost. Both have caused me to cry, grieve and reconsider how I'm living. Frost's book has reminded me, once again, of the importance of my body, your body, the church's body. I believe the body (mine, your's and the church's body) - being flesh - has great value - perhaps more than we are aware. So I'm asking myself a lot of questions about my past ministry life, the church family, and community.  I've been (re)considering how to live in light of the fact that Jesus came in flesh - SO THAT we could be known by God and know God. Known ness. I see you happens in the flesh. My previous ministry platform was large and public and whether I liked it or not it created a discarnate ministry. Size does that. It was always disconcerting when dining out a man or woman approached to speak but I had no idea who they were. Now I have a chance to re do the platform, size, shape of my organization. I desperately believe in incarnational ministry, and I desperately want to be present with others. Or at least I think I do. (More on that in another blog)  I want to give my second half of life to improving our view, the church's view, and therefore the world's view of women. But how do I stay earthed, communal, relational and embodied with others while  going about this God-given endeavor? That's the anxt. How does one speak to hundreds and still be present? How does one travel and stay present? How does one sit alone for months to write and still be present? Steve knows I've been wrestling with these concepts and thought I might benefit from listening to this Ted talk. After listening I wanted to stand up and scream YES, THIS IS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! Lord do not let me disengage from your people. Let me be present. I see you kind of present.