A Paradigm Shift & A Poem



I taught on Mary Magdalene @wine,womenJesus. She wrote this poem in response. I was moved. Her words captured the essence of what so many of us feel.One morning in a gardenI opened my eyes, and I existed.I was with him, and we were wholeTogether we showed the world what HE was like. he held me to his side,showed me where his body had been broken, and whispered in my ear,“It was not good for me to be alone. Now you are here, part of me, my body. Together we are one.”One morning in a gardenwe opened our eyes, and saw that we were naked.Now we were two, the oneness of our body had been broken. No longer at his side, but under his feetI sat on the ground,I closed my eyes, and I wept.For days, for years, for centuries, I wept.Alone.One morning in a gardenI opened my eyes, swollen from weeping the whole night through. I saw HIM there, and HE was whole again.HE showed me where HIS body had been broken,and whispered in my ear,“Now what was broken can be whole again.Go, stand at his side, and tell him I’m alive.Together, show the world what I AM like.”But this morning.This morning in my church.As I stood at his side, to show the world what HE is like, he whispered in my ear,“It is good for me to be alone.You may have a seat now.”Confused, and broken, once againI left his side, sat at his feet,closed my eyes, and wept.But not alone.HE was there, sitting next to me on the floorand HE was weeping too,because HIS body had been broken once again.