She Mends Them


One of my favorite things about running The Marcella Project is I get to meet amazing women. No, seriously, amazing. The women who attend, support and become the collective voice of our ministry tend to be no hold bars, out of the box, gonna bring it for Jesus, Christian women. They are tired of waiting for the Church to give them permission, or catch up with their vision or undergird their gifting. So they set up in all kinds of ways healing, innovating, and creating for Jesus. I'm privileged to be a part of this tribe. But sometimes I also feel spoiled, like I get the privilege of knowing these women and others don't. So I decided you should meet them too. Annie Tam is a new M100 Member and she's not holding back. Below she shares a bit of her journey and her passion. You're gonna want to have coffee with her.Once there was a little girl who dreamt of becoming a starving artist in Paris. That little girl ended up moving to France after college to work as a camp counselor. While working with teens, she began to see their need for something more, the need to belong and be accepted. She moved to Texas and continued to work with teens as a teacher. However, she quickly learned that they needed more than to learn how to speak French; they needed to be loved, heard and helped.So the woman went back to school to become a counselor so she could help these beautiful souls feel more secure and confident in their own skin. You see these souls were starving emotionally for many reasons—neglect, fear, and oppression to name a few. This woman’s childhood dream came to fruition in a different way. She gets to be the paintbrush in the Artist’s hand as He continues to create and mend his masterpiece.I originally met Jackie at Irving Bible Church. Her confidence, grit and tenacity were so compelling to me as a 20 something year old. I loved her bible studies and felt an overwhelming pride the first time she preached in service. Fast forward several years later, a friend told me about The Marcella Project bible study. It was just what I needed as an overwhelmed new mom, running a counseling practice with little time. Wine, women and Jesus was just what the doctor ordered. Sign me up!(Here's one of the messages Annie heard at Wine, Women & Jesus.)[embed][/embed]I had no idea how profoundly this bible study would impact me in my personal life as well as work life. For someone who grew up in the church but felt so often like I didn’t belong, this bible study spoke to me. It gave me words for the disconnect I had felt and new eyes to understand what the Scriptures were saying. I’ve been able to more fully help the women I treat because of The Marcella Project.Following my ever-evolving dream, I started Mend Counseling a few years ago. Since we opened, we have specialized in helping women become more confident in them selves throughout each stage of life. I look forward to continuing to build that mission by offering more opportunities for personal growth. I know I can trust The Marcella Project to support me and guide me in that quest.Sincerely,Annie