Bible Study


Bible Study


Wine, Women & Jesus

dates for the fall 2019 study!

September 9 - November 10, 2019 - Dallas (TBD)

September 10 - November 12, 2019 - Austin (TBD)

It can be upsetting when our theology is challenged, changed and deconstructed, but when we do so together, in community, in the word, well, something special happens.

We’re redefining women’s Bible studies by offering the unique opportunity to connect with women and engage with Jesus in the casual atmosphere of your local winery.

You won't find a set program, small groups, or pressure to fit the mold. You will find real women, great teaching, and candid conversations.

Wine, women and Jesus. It's really that simple.


  • un-churched curious about Jesus but not interested in organized religion 

  • de-churched follower of Jesus but not interested in organized religion 

  • over-churched attend church but need a change in engaging
    Jesus & others

Purchase Jackie’s Bible Studies on Amazon:

  • More than This: A Study of the Gospel John

  • Revealed: Seeking the Face of God

  • Ruth: A Study of Life, Loss and Love

  • Detox: Clearing the Way for Spiritual Wellness

  • Detox Revisited: Purging Spiritual Toxins

  • Re-Align: A Study on Jesus, Luke 4-8

  • Beyond Me: A Study through Colossians

  • Inhabit: A Study on the Holy Spirit

  • Imago Dei Women: Embracing Our Identity and Purpose as God’s Image Bearers

  • Get it Together: Merging Faith and Action in 1 Corinthians

  • Free: Released to Be Uniquely Me

  • Sisterhood: From Alone to Known

  • ReAction: Living Right When Life Goes Wrong

  • Epic: People Restored to Reflect God's Heart

  • Epic: God's Passionate Pursuit of a Prodigal People

    Online Bible Studies

  • At Wisdom’s Feet: A Study on Women in the Bible

  • Inhabit: A Study on the Holy Spirit

  • ReAlign: A Study on Jesus, Luke 4-8

  • Table Talk: A Study on Jesus and the Table

  • Power, Vulnerability & Leadership

  • I’m Enough Masterclass

    Spanish Bible Studies




A salon is a gathering of women who have an informed conversation about spiritual issues that impact their lives. Email Jackie for further info or to purchase the salon discussion you’d like to host in your home. Remember, you don’t need to be an expert on the subject, it’s just an informed conversation with friends. Chat, learn, and enjoy.


  • Submission

  • Body Image

  • Homosexuality

  • Female Sexuality

  • Female Friendships

  • Unleash the Dream

  • Can Men and Women Be Friends?

  • The Role of Men and Women in Marriage

  • Why Aren't Men As Spiritually Engaged?

  • Single Women in the Church

An Informed Conversation

Do you live in Dallas or Austin area?

Would you like to hire Jackie to come and host a salon? Jackie is excellent at leading women through informed conversations about spiritual issues that impact us women. Contact jackie@themarcellaproject.com

A great discussion with women, wine and pizza!

A great discussion with women, wine and pizza!

If you can't make it to an event in person, purchase the salon document and have a discussion in your own home. Let's get the conversations started! 


She Can Teach

She Can Teach

She Can Teach Course

Dr. Jackie Roese developed and fine-tuned She Can Teach during her doctoral education under the tutelage of Dr. Haddon Robinson at Gordon-Conwell Seminary. Jackie has been taught the course, formerly known as Basics 101, for over a decade to women from different demographics and denominations. The course is designed to be intimate and hands-on. While working in community women learn how to study, prepare and deliver an effective 20-minute biblical message. Through She Can Teach, The Marcella Project is giving women the confidence and skills they need to effectively proclaim God’s Word.

Is It For Me?

  • You would like to teach but don’t know how to begin.

  • You teach the bible but have no training.

  • You have had some training but need further development.

  • You would like to fine-tune your skills.

  • You want to develop relationships with other women who teach.



Course Structure

FIRST WEEKEND (Friday evening & all day Saturday): The first part of the course is dedicated to teaching Bible study methods. Women will learn how to observe, interpret and apply a biblical passage. Then they will begin practicing to find the main idea of a passage (the author’s original intent to the original audience). Once the main idea is found we discover how to take the ancient text to our modern-day audience. 

IN BETWEEN: Over the next several weeks women work on preparing their message. Each woman has a date of completion for finding the main idea and an outline. She sends message to instructor via email for help & feedback. The full manuscript is sent to the instructor by a specified date. Again the instructor will review and work with the student until she is ready to deliver the message.

RETURNING WEEKEND (Saturday only): Women teach their 20-minute message in front of the class. The teachers and classmates will give constructive feedback on delivery.


 Upcoming Dates

Instructor: Dr. Jackie Roese

Cost $400

October 18-19 and November 16, 2019 - Dallas, TX

Location - TBD

Want your message Reviewed?

Jackie is an expert at crafting life forming biblical messages. When Jackie reviews a message she looks for your knowledge of the passage and your specific audience. Did you catch your audience’s objection? Did you share too much or hold back too much? Did you capture their attention? Did you challenge them to action? Were you clear and concise? Did the message flow? Did it inspire? Was Jesus invited into your process? How did the Holy Spirit work through you?

Hiring Jackie to review your message will enable you to teach effectively with confidence. Let’s journey together; becoming excellent teachers of God’s Word.

Want your community to learn?

Contact us to inquire about offering She Can Teach at your church or in your community or if you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out!





Dr. Jackie Roese is a passionate speaker with an approachable and engaging style. She has spoken around the globe at conferences, retreats, mission events and other speaking engagements. You can read Jackie's full bio here.

Special Messages

Below are several messages offered by Jackie for a one-time speaking engagement. Feel free to inquire about the specifics of a particular message by contacting us.

  • The Woman at the Well

  • Spiritual Discipline: Fasting/Generosity

  • Remembering our Salvation Story: Deuteronomy 8

  • Body Image

  • Dealing with Fear

  • Mary and Martha

  • Unforgiveness

  • Envy

  • Who would God Choose to Change the World?

  • Living Stones, Royal Priests

  • Joseph: Betrayal

  • Our Father: Part of the Lord’s Prayer

  • Give us Our Bread: Part of the Lord’s Prayer

  • The Gospel

  • You’ve Got What it Takes: Matthew 25

  • The Bema


The various Retreats offered below are specifically designed to engage women in transformative community and truth. 

  • Are You on Fire?

  • Unleash the Dream

  • Detox: Getting Rid of Toxins that Keep Us from Spiritual Wellness

  • Reaction: James – Learning to React Faithfully in Times of Trials

  • The Book of Mark

  • Philippians: Joy in Midst of Trials

  • Proverbs: Selected Topics

  • The Holy Spirit: His Role in Our Lives

  • At Wisdom's Feet: Women in the Old Testament

  • Unfolding the Gospel

  • Living Loved

  • Sisterhood: From Aloneness to Knownness

  • Revealed: A Look at the Trinity, Father, Son, and Spirit


Contact us for questions or other inquiries on messages offered, or to book Jackie for your next event.