Dina Smith

Dina Smith

I grew up the youngest of 3 sisters. Born and raised in Texas, I attended Baylor University, which has historically had a roughly 20% higher ratio of women to men. I earned my bachelor of science in nursing, which is a woman-dominated profession. I then worked for 10 years as a pediatric RN before working from home raising my two daughters. As you can see from my previous statements, women have been a theme in my life.


A few years after I started investing in my faith in my late 20s, I went with some friends to a women’s retreat where Jackie Roese was the speaker. I walked away with so much insight.

She is one of a handful of bible teachers in my life where I thought to myself, “Yes! That is exactly what I was thinking.” The retreat was on female friendships, and as I write this I continue to see the pattern of women be a strong thread in my life.


For much of my life, when I would hear teaching from a preacher in person or an author in a book, I believed that teaching to be my truth. It wasn’t until the past ten years, through spiritual growth, personal counseling, and the Marcella Project studies and discussions, that I stopped being a received knower. As Jackie states, a received knower is one who does not construct their own knowledge; they receive it. A received knower depends on authorities to tell them what is right or wrong. Having lived most of my life this way, I lived in a prison of people-pleasing, guilt, shame, and indecisiveness. Once I was able to understand this unhealthy way of thinking, a wave of peace and freedom became part of my life. I began listening and discussing the bible with others, relying on the holy spirit to reflect and guide me. I don’t do this perfectly, but it has become my new way of processing information. This way of learning and growing was life-changing for me. When something life-changing happens to me and is impactful in my life, I want everyone to experience it as well! I especially want the women I come in contact with to experience it.

I have been surrounded by many women all of my life. I love the melting pot of women from different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. To see these women find freedom in their thinking and confidence in being who God made them is a priceless joy I treasure. I love the Marcella Project, because it encourages me and other women to live in the freedom of a relationship with Jesus. When we are connected to the Holy Spirit and engaging in life with others, amazing things happen. I want every women to know whose they are in Christ and to encourage each other to be the unique individual God created them to be. The Marcella Project is one avenue (and my personal favorite) for seeing the above statement come to life.