Karen Jordan-Markham

Karen Jordan-Markham

Karen Jordan-Markham

I grew up with so many conflicting messages.  As a preacher’s daughter of a VERY conservative Baptist minister, I always felt different.  I did not seem to fit in anywhere.  

It started when I did not graduate from my Christian college with my “Mrs.” Degree... Failure One.

Failure Two - when I did get my “Mrs.“… it was followed four years later with a divorce as a result of abuse.  I never seemed to do it right.  At 27 with two small babies, I started to realize that I had a brain and I was a leader.

Failure Three - from the perspective of my “Christian community”, who I was never seemed right. I was a CEO on Monday operating with a budget larger than the church’s, but on Sunday I was told I could serve best in the children’s area. I still did not fit in at church, as I had to “dumb down” who I was on Monday through Saturday to fit into my church on Sunday.

Yet I did not feel like God made a mistake by making me a leader, nor was I out of his “perfect” will by being a CEO.  What was the disconnect?  It was not until I walked into my first conversation with Jackie at Wine, Women, and Jesus that I started to believe that both could be true.  I could be both a leader and a Christ follower…….they were not disparate.

Having said all of that, I still didn’t know what I didn’t know.  I knew what I thought about my giftedness; I knew what I thought to be true about the teaching of Jesus…….. but I didn’t have the theological knowledge or confidence to back it up.  The Marcella Project has equipped me to speak more confidently on any subject where women can be ennobled and men can be celebrated as our brothers.  The Marcella Project offers everyone a safe place for asking “dumb” questions…..feeling heard and leaving more informed…….wanting to learn more. I haven’t found this in any other setting.

There have been many more failures and successes in my life, but The Marcella Project has given me a voice and a biblical reference to live my life as the woman God has created me to be……