Dawn Ferriero

Dawn Ferriero

Dawn Ferriero

I grew up in the Methodist Church. I don’t recall overt messages of a woman’s position within the church being below that of the men, but reflecting back I realize that the top positions were always filled by men.  

Somewhere in my teens I became acutely aware of the “submissive” wife scripture; I was doggedly determined that when I married, my vows would never include that sentiment.  Even at a young age, I was appalled by that concept.

Over the years, there have been several big picture items that I would identify as “stumbling blocks” to my faith, and women being subservient to men is right up there at the top of the list.  

In my thirties, and still single after a very short-lived first marriage, a friend invited me to attend Irving Bible Church where his mother attended.  The first Sunday I visited, Jackie was preaching; I was in complete awe.  She had such an amazing way of bringing scripture to life for me, especially by enriching the message with historical and cultural context that, in my opinion, is absolutely vital for the layperson. Following that Sunday, I went on to attend the women’s Bible study led by Jackie; it was such a great experience and so different from previous studies I had attended.

For my own spiritual maturity, I need a place of connection where meaty discussions can ensue as they are sadly lacking in the majority of my life.  This type of openness and honesty happens each and every time I attend a Marcella Project function.  I am honored to be a part of this endeavor where women are ennobled and encouraged to be equal partners for the Kingdom work. I continue to be amazed and incredibly humbled by the magnificent women (and men, too - however, most of my experience has been with the females of the group) I encounter in this group, and I cannot wait to watch His work unfold.

P.S. God has so graciously allowed me to be pregnant with our second daughter which makes this journey with women all the more dear to my heart.

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