• Biblical Preaching, Haddon Robinson
  • Christ Centered Preaching, Bryan Campbell
  • Preaching That Speaks to Women, Alice Matthews
  • Preaching As Worship, Michael Quicke

History & Culture

  • Life in One Year, Scott Korb
  • Jesus Asked, Conrad Gempf
  • The Jews in the Time of Jesus, Stephen Wylen
  • Thomas Cahill Series
  • From the Cross to Creation, Albert Baylis

Passion, Purpose & Praxis

  • The Life You've Always Wanted, John Ortberg
  • Blue Like Jazz, Donald Miller
  • Daring Greatly, Brene Brown
  • Dare Mighty Things, Halee Gray Scott
  • The Road to Becoming, Jenny Simmons
  • Raggamuffin Gospel, Brennan Manning
  • Screwtape Letters, C. S. Lewis
  • Death by Suburb, Dave Goetz
  • Refrigerator Rights, Will Miller
  • Mudhouse Sabbath, Lauren Winner
  • Jesus Wants to Save Christians, Rob Bell
  • The Jesus Creed, Scott McKnight
  • Simply Good News, NT Wright
  • Heaven, Randy Alcorn
  • Barbarian Way, Irwin McManus
  • Incarnate: The Body of Christ in an Age of Disengagement,
    Michael Frost

Men & Women

  • Lime Green, Dr. Jackie Roese
  • Men and Women in the Church, Sarah Sumner
  • When Women Were Priests, Karen J. Torjesen
  • Roman Wives, Roman Widows, Bruce Winter
  • Fundamentalism and Gender, 1875 to the Present, Margaret Bendroth
  • Are Women Human, Dorothy Sayers
  • Women in the World of the Earliest Christians, Lynn H. Cohick
  • You Just Don't Understand, Deborah Tanner
  • He Says, She Says, Lillian Glass
  • Knowledge, Difference and Power, Nancy Rule Goldberger & Jill Mattuck Tarule
  • Eve's Revenge, Lilian Barger
  • A Year of Biblical Womanhood, Rachel Held Evans
  • Gospel of Ruth, Carolyn Custis James
  • Half the Sky, Nicholas Kristof & Sheryl WuDunn
  • Half the Church, Carolyn Custis James
  • Marriage and the Family in the Biblical World, Ken Campbell
  • Families in the New Testament World, Carolyn Osick & David L. Balch
  • Paul's Idea of Community, Robert J. Banks
  • One in Christ, Philip Payne


  • Guyland, Michael Kimmel
  • Manhood in America, Michael Kimmel
  • New Testament Masculinities, Stephen D. Moore & Janice Capel Anderson
  • The Men We Long to Be, Stephen Boyd
  • Malestrom, Carolyn Custis James


  • Real Sex, Lauren Winner
  • Sexual Ethics, Stanley J. Grenz
  • Sex, Gender and Christianity, Priscilla Pope-Levison
  • Torn, Justin Lee